1) Individual and Group Counselling

a) Individual counselling

nutrigenomix  testing is available.

I provide 1 on 1 counseling to individuals with various health goals. I conduct a thorough review of your health/medical status, nutrition history and discuss your health objectives. I can help you develop an individual action plan. An initial visit is usually 60-75 minutes long. If your goal is to loose weight or to develop healthy eating habits to prevent chronic diseases like diabetes, my services will benefit you. You may be asked you send me some information regarding your previous nutrition/ medical history via email.
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b) Group education sessions

If you are a physician, I can conduct group sessions for your targeted clients at your office. I can customize my counselling based on your clients’ health goals. My group counselling can benefit your clients with Diabetes, Pre diabetes, Metabolic syndrome, Obesity, Cardiovascular diseases or general healthy eating for your patients.

2) Telehealth Services

If you live too far? or you have physical or barriers or medical problems that prevent you from a physical visit?. I can help!

I provide web services via skype or google talk to accommodate you. Initial session will be similar to a 1 to 1 physical visit. You will be required to send me some information before our initial session related to your previous medical and nutrition history.

3) Diabetes Education

Being a Certified diabetes educator, I can provide you or your patients education related to Diabetes including diet, exercise, self blood glucose monitoring, complications and various aspects of Diabetes.

I conduct group education for people with Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes. Group session are generally two hours in duration.

4) Grocery Assistance

I can accompany you to your favorite grocery store. As a Registered Dietitian, I can  help you learn about shopping wisely on a limited budget, pick healthier foods and read labels to make the right choice. I can conduct grocery tours for a group of 3-6 people too.

5) Get your food analyzed

Some of my clients have benefited from this service. If you are too busy to visit me personally, but still want to know if you can improve your health by making some changes in your diet.

Send me a 3 or 7 day food diary and I do a detailed evaluation and send you practical recommendations  to improve your dietary habits to meet your health goals.

You don’t have to make an appointment.

a) Just download my food record

b)  Fill it in detail

c) Email it to me at

6) Nutrition Analysis

Receive nutritional analysis and nutrition facts for your food item or menu. For your industry or food business you will receive FDA or Health Canada compliant nutrition facts. Nutrition facts will be ready for you to use on your product labels.

I can also provide complete nutrition analysis services and can help you modify your recipe to meet your targeted nutrition needs or guidelines. I can modify recipes to make them nutritious yet maintain their flavour.