I am a Registered Dietitian through College of Dietitians of Ontario since 2006. I have extensive experience in working with people with Diabetes. I am also a Certified Diabetes Educator through Diabetes Association of Canada since 2009. I have over 7 years experience in working with elderlies and patient on Hemo-Dialysis. I have conducted lectures for several communities including but not limited to south Asian communities, elderlies living in communities and Adults with Cardiovascular diseases.

I believe in empowering my clients by helping them create healthy relationships with food by intuitive eating approach. I reject the concept of “good” and “bad” food and I believe that everything can be enjoyed in moderation. With unlimited confusing information overload on the web food has become a source of stress rather than comfort. I help my clients to reduce this stress and help them understand food and their relationship to health. My belief is that food is supposed to be flavorful and life is supposed to be filled with excitement. Passion for food is important to have a passionate healthy life. I love creating recipes and I can help my clients modify their favourite recipes. I enjoy using fresh flavourful seasonal produce while cooking.


I am a very family oriented person. My family is my world. I have a very loving husband who has helped me in every step of life and has trusted in my abilities.

My son is the focus of my life and I want to give him the best in life.

I feel that prayers of my parents and family have helped me succeed. I have some good friends whom I can always rely on and ask for sincere advice.

I love to travel with my family. I enjoy outings and picnics with friends and family. I enjoy craft work as my hobby.


Topic of discussion has been healthy eating quite often amongst people I come across. I realize that trustworthy evidenced based nutrition information is totally lost in the sea of controversial information on the web. I appreciate you taking the time to know a little bit about myself. Do not hesitate to get in touch with me with questions or for a nutrition consultation.